The Daily Planner

This planner is unique on South Africa. It is not your traditional diary but a diary, journal and daily planner in one. It is in Excel format and can be used on your PC, laptop, tablet and even your smart phone. It can be synchronised across all devices which means that it is with you wherever you go. Choose to use Google drive or Microsoft One drive.

In this section of the diary you will find the months of the year with all South African public holidays highlighted and named. Also public school terms.

This section of the diary lets you take control of your day with prioritizing and proper time management. This part is inspired by Steven Covey’s 4 Quadrants.

This is your part of the traditional paper based diary.

This section lets you conveniently scroll directly to the day of the month that you require. Just click the date.

Now you have a section just for task or do do lists or projects. It makes you tabulate them clearly and then has a drop down to update the status

What a way to help you be accountable for getting out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself or being creative

Hold yourself accountable for leading a well balanced life. At the end of the day simply use the drop down and choose whether you were naughty or nice

Don’t know about you but some of us need to keep ourselves in check for what goes into our mouth. Choose whether it was good for you or not. Also just under is a section for important dates like birthdays and anniversaries

Sales people and business people: this lets you keep track of your progress daily with a summary at the end of the month. All calculated automatically with formulas

Check our video below with the introduction of the Mindstrong daily planner